The Voice of the People

Montana de jure Assembly


Discover how you can be a part of revitalizing our communities, education system, environment, agricultural, business economic development and more.  Designed by the people, for the people.

Restoring and Protecting

Together we can restore our forests, rivers and land to a healthy ecosystem, reducing the wildfire risk, increasing the productivity of agricultural crops and grazing land, and increasing the enjoyment of nature for everyone - from hiking to fishing and camping.  We can restore water availability to everyone, purifying and cleaning the water where toxins exist, and restore areas where drought has had significant impact and where irrigation is needed.

Families and Education

Support our community groups and families to ensure access to resources
they need to create successful, happy lives.  Everyone deserves to be healthy, protected, well-fed and sheltered.  Let's design better ways to fulfill our community needs and reward mothers for being mothers and families for being families.

Let's look at new ways to provide education for our children and young adults that excites and empowers them, helps them excel, and rewards their abilities as unique individuals.  They are our future, so let's work together to envision and implement the future education system, including new designs for schools.

Agricultural Community

Montana has strong farming and ranching communities.  Let's empower each other to transition from chemicals and pesticides on our crops, to new ways of achieving naturally thriving harvests that are healthy for the entire community and profitable for producers.

Creativity and Innovation

Gather with like-minded people to innovate and create new opportunities in Montana that benefit Montanans.  Help define the future with next-generation ideas that will lead Montana into an era of wellbeing for all. 

From an underground rail system, to new small town designs and year-round fresh, local produce through expanded cooperatives, we have lots of creative ideas that we would love to brainstorm with your creative ideas.