The Voice of the People

The Voice of the People

Montana de jure Assembly

About Us

The Montana de jure Assembly (MTA) is an association with a voting membership who are focused on creating a better way of life for all in Montana.


We use a Council governance model to operate the Assembly, which consists of a 12-member Council (Board of Directors,) and 12 Committees with specific areas of focus.  MTA is a service organization for the Greater Assembly (anyone who is a resident of Montana,) with its main purpose being to assess the needs in Montana and find solutions that may turn into projects.  Projects create jobs, address areas of concern and improve lives, right here in Montana.

We hold weekly public meetings, and everyone is welcome.  For those who are interested in becoming a working member of the Assembly, we have volunteer opportunities available for 90-180 days, which will provide eligibility for an appointment to a Committee position.  After fulfilling one term in a Committee position, a member is eligible for nomination to a seat on the Council.  All Members have term limits of two terms.

Our hope is that we will create a sustaining Assembly that will allow many Montanans an opportunity to participate, and that we will see many more Assemblies start-up in all Counties and Cities within Montana.

If you are interested in starting a new Assembly in your City or County, please let us know.  We will be happy to assist you.


Our Committees and Areas of Focus

Child & Family Restoration

Will assist in many sectors of family needs and services, and will 

re-establish whole family healing. 

Communications & IT

Includes public relations, press releases, marketing and information technology.  IT will install and build new technology based on needs, and will manage the IT infrastructure.


Establishes new ideas and ways of teaching education of all ages that recognizes the uniqueness of each individual and helps them excel.  Helps restore rights to parents, enabling them to choose the beset education for their children.


Will oversee the preservation, protection and restoration of all nature including land, air and water.

Health & Wellness

Includes the health and wellness

for the full cycle of life for humans, animals and plants.  Pure health.  Coordinates with Life Force Assurance programs.


Aids and assists all other committees of the Assembly.

Law Enforcement

Preserves the peace and provides security for Assembly meetings.  Monitors & keeps meetings moving along.

Project Management

Reviews project submissions for inclusion of a business plan, project plan and financial schedule.  Provides project oversight and reports on project successes.

Public Works & Infrastructure

Transportation and repairing of bridges, roads and more.

Restoration Teams

Identify solutions and projects for each industry that can deliver real solutions for needs assessments.  


Identifies and researches any domestic or foreign threat, including cyber.  Vets new members.


Manages the finances of the Assembly and reviews financial draw-down schedules for projects.  Reviews the State budget and provides recommendations.

Researchers and Writers

The Montana de jure Assembly (MTA) is seeking individuals who are residents of Montana, and are passionate about researching areas of concerns identified by the Assembly; can write and edit documents outlining the research, and summarize any conclusions, within Committee areas of focus.

Volunteer Opportunities

Solution Leaders

MTA is seeking solution-oriented individuals who are residents of Montana, and can identify solutions in each industry, to address areas of concern identified by the Assembly.

Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations

MTA is seeking individuals who are residents of Montana and are passionate about marketing, advertising and public relations, to plan and develop campaigns for the Assembly and Committees.