The Voice of the People

Paradise Valley

Montana de jure Assembly

Welcome to the Montana de jure Assembly. Our purpose is to work with our
communities to innovate, inspire and implement new ways of achieving prosperity,
wellness, and a better way of life for everyone in Montana.

Who We Are

The Montana de jure Assembly is focused on a bright future for all Montanans and the beautiful state we live in.  We strive to provide guidance and inspiration for each of our counties and communities in Montana to define and implement new improvements, innovations and ideas for achieving a better way of life.  This includes restoring our forests; air, land and water; education system; healthcare; public works and infrastructure and more.  Learn More


Resolution of One Accord

The Resolution of One Accord is the Social Compact of the Montana de jure Assembly.  The purpose of this document is to create a starting point and a framework for the new reality on earth.  Over time, this document may need to be updated, but for today, this basic framework will allow all of humanity to begin to explore liberty within the context of Natural Law.  Learn More


A Plan for Restoration

The Montana de jure Assembly is part of the Life Force Global Restoration Plan for the revitalization and redistribution of basic life essentials.  Clean water to drink and bathe in, fresh unpolluted air, safe affordable shelter, eco-friendly affordable energy, life sustaining affordable food, a cleaner environment for all life, and a safe community to live in.  Learn More

Come Meet With Us


We meet every Wednesday evening, at 7:00PM MST

Feel free to drop-in, learn what’s going on and

provide your voice and input on community needs.  


 Press Conferences

We meet every Wednesday afternoon at 2:00PM MST

Feel free to join and hear the latest announcements.

The Montana de jure Assembly is a proud member of the following organizations: